Welcome to Healthy Habits.  I’m so glad you’re here.

The Healthy Habits program is designed to help you develop the tools and knowledge you need to make small, specific changes that create and support a healthy lifestyle.  Fact of the matter is, the skills you’ll learn over the next 12 weeks will help you set and achieve goals in any area of your life.  

This lesson contains all of the information you need to make the next 12 weeks truly life changing. 

The first week of the program is the most intensive from a time perspective.  The reason why is that the initial module lays the foundation for the remainder of your program.  During this week, you will define your goals, create an action plan and identify your “compelling why” that will guide and sustain you for the remainder of the program.  

The remaining weeks of the program will focus on helping you to analyze, evaluate and adjust your plan, and sure up the mental prowess to successfully achieve what you’ve set out to do!

While it may sound obvious, you must actively engage in all 12 weeks of the Healthy Habits program for it to work in your life. Please invest this time in yourself. You are worth it!  Reclaiming your health and achieving your wellness goals is a process.   Make no mistake, there are no “silver bullets” or short cuts – you must do the work. If you take action and do the work, you will get results.   

If at any time during the program you have questions, please contact our office.  You have invested in yourself and in this program, and we want you to feel that you have invested wisely.

Remember, the decision to change your health starts with just that – a decision.  Congratulations for making the decision to create Healthy Habits!