Personal Wellness Coaching

Getting the Help You Need

There are many different types of specialist coaching which meet the many different needs people have. Engaging a coach who is a specialist in their field can provide confidence that the coach is knowledgeable about your context, understands your specific needs and may be equipped with approaches and tools that may best serve you.

Your employee wellness program gives you credit for the work you do with a qualified professional to help you live your best life.  Read on to learn about some of the different types of coaching available.

Overall wellbeing is much like a puzzle, and a high level of health is only achieved when each piece of this puzzle is in place. Your wellness coach can assist you in putting your missing pieces of the puzzle in place.

A wellness coach can help you address the needs of sleep deprivation, stress management, diet, or any number of health related issues. The wellness coach will motivate, guide, and provide valuable resources to provide clients with the necessary tools to make life changes. Your coach will show you that you don’t need to turn your life upside down to accomplish amazing things- small changes can lead to big results!

The aim of life coaching is to help you identify and achieve personal goals in any area of your life.

A holistic approach is taken, recognising that one area of your life impacts upon another and so addressing personal areas such as relationships or spirituality can in turn lead to improvement in your health or achievement of your career goals.

Life Coaching may be beneficial if you…

  • want to make changes in your life but are struggling to make them on your own or you feel there are things holding you back

  • have some major goals you want to achieve and need some support

  • need some clarity and confidence to help you make some major decisions

  • want to gain clarity about what motivates you and what you would like to achieve

  • want to reduce the stress in your life or gain a better work-life balance

The aim of career coaching is to help you make decisions and changes relating to your working life, and to help you move forward in your job.

This genre of coaching will usually do a number of the following to help you:

  • Help identify career aspirations and goals
  • Uncover what truly motivates you so you make the best career choice
  • Examine the skills, competencies and experience that you have gained to date, not only through past employment and career life, but also through your personal life too e.g. through sporting and social activities.
  • Carry out psychometric tests to help you understand your personality, strengths and suitability for different career
  • Broaden your mind to considering alternative career options
  • Develop a resume (curriculum vitae)
  • Help you to conduct effective interviews (see also interview coaching)
  • Develop your confidence to take the next steps

Coaching your career may be beneficial if you…

  • have a career or job you would like to move to but need some help to do it

  • need to gain clarity about your strengths, what motivates you and what career would best suit you

  • are unhappy in your current job and want some help to make the change to something new

  • want help with putting together an up to date and effective resume

  • want to develop your confidence in applying for jobs and conducting interviews

  • Want to develop your confidence to pursue new career paths and take action to support this

Spiritual Coaching is an approach to coaching that seeks to connect you to a deeper level that is beyond the mind, beyond those aspects of life that are controlled by materialistic and mechanistic goals.

A spiritual life coach would encourage you to set goals around your deepest values in all areas of your life that take account of your mind, body, spirit connection The Spiritual life coach will help you develop faith that your goals will be realised when it is right for you in your life, as life is a journey and the emphasis is on enjoying the journey as you create opportunities to grow and to achieve your goals.

Spiritual life coaching may be particularly beneficial when you have a tendency to worry or feel anxious, are in a period following the break up of a relationship, have lost a loved one, have health issues or you are seeking inner peace and happiness.

A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

Working with a personal trainer can help you:  

  • Achieve faster and better results.
  • Balance proper fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Reduce the chance of injury.
  • Establish a lifetime exercise habit.
  • Overcome plateaus.