Okay… so, now you know… I’m a Winnie the Pooh fan. Well, maybe a little more of a Tigger fan truth be told, but there was always something about the way Pooh connected to the “rumble in his tumble” that made me smile. More and more though, I realize that lots of people have rumbles in their tumbles that are anything but pleasing.

My mentor once told me that I would know with certainty when I had “arrived” as a practitioner when I could talk about digestive imbalances and “potty habits” as comfortably as any other polite dinner conversation. Well, I’ve arrived and apparently exceeded her expectations because now, I’m gonna talk about it on the radio… internet radio at that!

With more than 60 million people plagued with digestive problems… it’s time we get to the bottom of the rumble.

In this broadcast, we take a look at stress (who? you? stressed?) and how it directly affects your digestive system. And as always, you’ll get some practical solutions to quieting the noise!