Now that you’ve completed your health evaluation and chosen an accountability partner, it’s time to start creating new healthy habits.  Just a few words about the program before you get going…

“Get Started” Videos

At the beginning of each lesson, you’ll see a short “Get Started” video.  These inspiring videos will help you focus your attention for the week on a quality that underlies a healthy lifestyle – like change, personal courage, confidence or awareness.  Setting the tone for the week, the Get Started video will help you keep things in perspective as you work toward developing healthy habits.

Weekly Activities

Each unit contains worksheets, journals, activities and links to important resource information.  These activities are designed to help you develop the physical, physiological and mental wherewithal to successfully reach and maintain your health goals.   The activities sheets can be downloaded for you to work on during the week.  

Mid-Week Momentum Videos

We know that, even with the best of intentions, life can sometimes get in the way.  To keep you motivated and engaged from one week to the next, you’ll find a Mid-Week Momentum video in each lesson of the program. 

Activity Logs

When all is said and done, you want to know just what was said and what was done.  The Weekly Activity Logs in each lesson will help you track your results using interactive assessments, quizzes, diaries, checklists, and action plans. 

Looks like you’re ready to go.  Click here to complete this section of the course.