You focused your energy, you sacrificed in other areas of your life so you could achieve your goal. After time (and perhaps some struggle) you have made it and you have celebrated your success. Now what?

Here area a few tips for what to do after achieving your goal.

Enjoy the view – It would be a shame to climb a great peak and then start your descent without taking a moment to enjoy the view.  So why is it that after accomplishing a goal, many people forget to enjoy the moment and move on too quickly?  Once you’ve reached your goal, stop, take a deep breath, bask in your achievement and find a way to celebrate what you’ve done.

Learn from the experience –  After someone has climbed a mountain, especially one that they’ve never scaled before, they will have made mistakes and needed to use new skills along the way.  Similarly, any significant achievement would have involved errors, risks and the development of your capabilities.  By taking note of the things you’ve learned throughout the experience, you will be better prepared for the next stage of your life.

Thank those who have helped you along the way – In our endeavors, there are always people around us who have helped us to reach our goals.  Make sure that you take the time to express your gratitude to your spouse, your mentor, your staff, your peers, God or anyone else who has been helpful to you.  You’ll probably find that they will sign up quicker to assist you again next time if they aren’t taken for granted.

Look to greater heights – Unless you’ve climbed Mt Everest, there are always bigger mountains to climb.  Once you’ve reached a certain level of achievement, don’t rest on your laurels or set goals that you can reach with little planning or effort.  Look to the mountain that’s bigger, a harder and more challenging.