Fear of failure is one of the greatest fears people have. The truth is, the majority of what we have learned has been learned as a consequence of trial and error.  We learn from our mistakes. Still, most people only achieve a fraction of what they are capable of accomplishing because they are afraid to try… because they are afraid to fail. Well no more!

Take these steps towards overcoming your fear of failure and getting the results you desire in every area of your life.

Step 1:  TAKE ACTION!!  

And not just any action.  Bold, decisive action. Do something scary. Fear can immobilize you. To overcome fear, you must act.  When you act, act boldly.

Action gives you the power to change the circumstances or the situation. You must overcome the inertia by doing something. Dr. Robert Schuller asks, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” What could you achieve? Be brave and just do it. If it doesn’t work out the way you want, then do something else. But DO SOMETHING NOW

Step 2:  Don’t Take It Personally

Failure is about behavior, outcomes, and results. Failure is not a personality characteristic. Although what you do may not give you the result you wanted, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Because you made a mistake, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Step 3:  Try Something Different

Ever heard the saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got.”  If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else!  Often, you are right on the threshold of succeeding when you are feeling the most unsuccessful. Keep trying different approaches to achieve your desired outcome. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Step 4:  Treat Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

Think of setbacks or failures as learning opportunities.  What did you learn that will help you in the future?  How can you use that experience to improve yourself or your situation?  Ask yourself why things didn’t go the way you wanted them to; then think of ways you could do things differently next time.

As author Susan Jeffers says, “feel the fear and do it anyway!”